1st Vice District Governor Dean CarruthersLion Dean C

15100 Birchaven Lane, Apt. 331

Findlay, OH 45840


email:  bigb31353 [AT] gmail [DOT] com


Lion Dean has been in Lionism for 36 years. He joined the Kenton Lions Club in 1980. He has held all club offices except Treasurer. This will be his first time as vice District Governor. Dean has served as a regional chair, He is currently serving as Zone Chair for OH1 Zone F & has served multiple times (5) as Zone Chair.  He is proud to be a Melvin Jones Fellow.

Lion Dean has served on Arizona Lions camp TA TI YEE as a member of the board of directors for District 21C and as Sargent of arms for District 21C. He served as President of the Arizona Pin Traders. He has attended many District, State and the 1994 International Conventions & Fall Conferences.

Outside of Lions, Dean is now retired, from 1989 through 2015 he worked for the National Park Service as an Administrative Technician.  From 1972 through 1980 he served in the US  Army. Dean is a life member of the American Legion & AMVETS. In his free he enjoys Model Railroading, Photography & Woodworking.



Cabinet Committee Chairs for OhioLionsOH1 2016 - 2017


                                      District Tail Twister                                               District Lion Tamer    

                                      Lion Rebecca Dent                                                                       Lion Dan Burnette (DG Sheryl)

                                                  260 Depot Apt. A                                                                         5355 County Road 18

                                                  Wauseon, OH 43567                                                                    Wauseon, OH 43567

                                                  rebecca [DOT] dent [AT] utoledo [DOT] edu                                                        dburnettesr [AT] gmail [DOT] com

                                                  419-551-0450                                                                                  419-973-6131


                                      Info Tech/Website                                                  PRaM

                                      Lion Rick Carder (Lion Deb)                                                       Lion Ashley Schmunk (IPDG Nick)

                                                   9825 Twp. Rd. L10                                                                        604 E. Elm St.

                                                   Ottawa, OH 45875                                                                       Wauseon, OH 43567

                                                   webmaster [AT] ohiolionsoh1 [DOT] org                                                 a_schmunk [AT] outlook [DOT] com

                                                   419-523-5526                                                                                419-360-6425


                                       Finance & Planning                                             Quest/Campus Clubs

                                       PDG Judy Smith (PID Jerry)                                                      Lion Paul Nutter

                                                    1035 Arrowhead Trl.                                                                  525 S. Main St.

                                                    Wauseon, OH 43567                                                                  Ada, OH 45810

                                                    judysmith60 [AT] roadrunner [DOT] com                                                 p-nutter [AT] onu [DOT] edu

                                                   (H) 419-335-6914 Cell: 419-309-2456                                         419-221-1189


                                      State Building Trustee                                           Lions Youth

                                       Lion Fred Rodabaugh (Pat)                                                        PCC Darlene Roll

                                                   101 1/2 College Ave.                                                                     1385 TR 216

                                                   Bluffton, OH 45817                                                                       Bellefontaine, OH 43311

                                                   rodabaugh [AT] bluffton [DOT] edu                                                            bhr8456 [AT] embarqmail [DOT] com

                                                  419-358-1991                                                                                   937-599-1111


                                      CQI/CEP                                                                 Constitution/ByLaws

                                      PDG Marv Crawford (Lion Deb)                                                 IPDG Nick Schmunk (Lion Ashley)

                                                  108 Christy Ct.                                                                                 604 E. Elm St.

                                                  P.O. Box 765                                                                                    Wauseon, OH 43567

                                                  McComb, OH 45858                                                                       njs_schmunk [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

                                                  dcrawford14 [AT] woh [DOT] rr [DOT] com                                                             419-270-0203

                                                  (H) 419-293-3458  Cell: 419-421-1652


                                       Diabetes                                                                 District Audio/Visual

                                       PDG John Davis (Susan)                                                              PDG Dan Ritter (Lion Pat)

                                                   933 Thornapple Lane                                                                    4634 Twp. Rd. 235

                                                   Findlay, OH 45840                                                                          McComb, OH 45858

                                                   jdavis1952 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com                                                              dan_ritter [AT] frontier [DOT] com

                                                  (H) 419-422-5177   Cell: 419-309-7003                                           419-293-2350


                                       District Awards                                                       International Convention

                                       Lion Tim Schumm (Lion Kim)                                                       Lion Ellie Niejadlik (1st VDG Bill)

                                                   12421 Co. Rd. P-3                                                                           2620 Kinsale Ct.

                                                   Napoleon, OH 43545                                                                    Toledo, OH 43615

                                                   tkschumm [AT] gmail [DOT] com                                                                 ellie227 [AT] msn [DOT] com   

                                                   419-592-2953                                                                                 419-297-1123


                                       Peace Poster/Essay                                               International Relations

                                       Lion Jessica Reichley (Lion Kenton)                                          Lion Arliss Plaugher (PDG Barbara)

                                                  4143 Chapman Drive                                                                     62 Anna Circle

                                                  Kent, OH 44240                                                                              Bluffton, OH 45817

                                                  kjreichley [AT] yahoo [DOT] com                                                                 arliss [AT] wcoil [DOT] com

                                                  419-721-4052                                                                                   419-230-7126


                                       LCIF Coordinator                                                   GLT Coordinator

                                       PDG Barbara Plaugher (Lion Arliss)                                          PDG John Davis (Susan)

                                                    62 Anna Circle                                                                             933 Thornapple Lane

                                                    Bluffton, OH 45817                                                                     Findlay, OH 45840

                                                   arliss [AT] wcoil [DOT] com                                                                         jdavis1952 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

                                                    419-204-2242                                                                               419-422-5177


                                       GMT Coordinator                                                 NWOLECF

                                       PID Jerry Smith (PDG Judy)                                                      PDG Pat Goulding (Lion Dr. Bob)

                                                   1035 Arrowhead Trl.                                                                   3119 Haughton Drive

                                                   Wauseon, OH 43567                                                                   Toledo, OH 43606

                                                    pidjerry [AT] gmail [DOT] com                                                                   rcgpag [AT] bex [DOT] net

                                                   (H) 419-335-6914    Cell: 419-340-8152                                      419-475-7726


                                       Ohio Lions Band                                                  OLERF

                                       Lion Anne Deutschman (PDG Jay)                                          Lion Dr. Bob Goulding (PDG Pat)

                                                    911 N. Wintergarden                                                                  3119 Haughton Dr.

                                                   Bowling Green, OH 43402                                                          Toledo, OH 43606

                                                   jakgs [AT] dacor [DOT] net                                                                          rcgpag [AT] bex [DOT] com

                                                   419-354-0314                                                                                 419-475-7726


                                       Ohio Lions Foundation                                         Pin Chair

                                       PDG Hank Kies                                                                            Lion Leon Grace

                                                   429 Colton Ave.                                                                           901 Blum St.

                                                   Bellefontaine, OH 43311                                                             Toledo, OH 43607

                                                   hanh [AT] columbus [DOT] rr [DOT] com                                                              neonleon43607 [AT] yahoo [DOT] com

                                                   937-935-4767                                                                                 419-936-4273


                                       OLF Appointed Trustee                                        Sight/Hearing

                                       Lion Richard Boehr                                                                     1VDG Bill Niejadlik (Lion Ellie)

                                                    110 Magnolia Lane                                                                     2620 Kinsale Ct.

                                                    Bluffton, OH 45817                                                                    Toledo, OH 43615

                                                    boehrd [AT] embarqmail [DOT] com                                                           rugguy522 [AT] msn [DOT] com

                                                    419-358-7606 or 419-358-6886                                                    419-297-1141


                                       USA/CANADA Forum                                            District Directory

                                       Lion Deb Crawford (PDG Marv)                                               IPDG Micheal Gibbs

                                                   108 Christy Ct.                                                                              174 N. Miami Rd.

                                                   P.O. Box 765                                                                                  Rushsylvania, OH 43347

                                                   McComb, OH 45858                                                                     lionmtg [AT] gmail [DOT] com

                                                   dcrawford14 [AT] woh [DOT] rr [DOT] com                                                           937-935-0477



                                       Leo Club Advisor                                                   Centennial Celebration Chair

                                       Lion Scot Lawson (Lion Holly)                                                  PDG Craig Gauger (Lion Faith)

                                                    111 Dodge St.                                                                               233 W. Dudley St.

                                                    Swanton, OH 43558                                                                     Maumee, OH 43537

                                                    scot [DOT] lawson [AT] heritage-enviro [DOT] com                                           gcgauger [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

                                                     (H) 419-825-9976   Cell: 419-466-7571                                       419-350-4345


                                       Lion Cub Chair                                                      Delegates At - Large

                                       Lion Jessica Reichley (Lion Kenton)                                        PDG Bill Keller (Lion Cindy)

                                                    4143 Chapman Dr.                                                                       513 N. High St.

                                                    Kent, OH 44240                                                                           Kenton, OH 43326

                                                    kjreichley [AT] yahoo [DOT] com                                                              wkeller2 [AT] columbus [DOT] rr [DOT] com     

                                                    419-721-4052                                                                                567-674-9093


                                       Winter Retreat                                                                           

                                       PDG John Davis (Susan)                                                           PDG Jack Preston (Lion Cindy)

                                                    933 Thornapple Lane                                                                 14980 Fox Ranch Rd.

                                                    Findlay, OH 45840                                                                      Wapakoneta, OH 45895

                                                     jdavis1952 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com                                                          jpreston5 [AT] woh [DOT] rr [DOT] com

                                                     419-422-5177                                                                               419-303-1782


                                       PID                                                                        Governor's Advisory Committee

                                       PDG Jerry Smith (PDG Judy)                                                      ALL Past PID's and PDG's

                                                    1035 Arrowhead Trl.

                                                    Wauseon, OH 43567

                                                    pidjerry [AT] gmail [DOT] com

                                                    (H) 419-335-6914 Cell: 419-340-8152







Cabinet Secretary PDG Marv Crawford (Lion Deb)

 PO Box 765
 McComb, OH 45858
 (419) 293-3458
  email: dcrawford14 [AT] woh [DOT] rr [DOT] com

Lion Marv joined the McComb Lions Club in 1995 and has served as President, Board Director, and Co-Membership Chair. Marv also serves on numerous club committees and participates in the various community projects of the McComb Lions.

Lion Marv has served as Zone 7 Chair and as a member of the District 13A Cabinet for the past three years. He is currently the District CEP Coordinator and is a member of the GLT and GMT Committees. He has been honored by his peers with a Melvin Jones Award, the International Presidents Award, the Ohio Lions Council Chairman’s Award of Excellence, the Council of Governors Award, and the Ohio Eye Research Leadership Award.

Marv and his wife, Lion Deb, have been married for 28 years and reside in McComb. They are the proud parents of daughters, Lion Jessica, Lion Alyssa, and (soon to be Lion) Katharyn, son-in-laws Kenton and Lion Eric, and one grandson, Blair.

Lion Marv is a retired teacher, coach, and administrator. He graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor in Education and later earned his Masters in Educational Administration from the University of Dayton.


Cabinet Treasurer PDG Dan Ritter (Lion Pat)

 4635 Twp Rd 235
 McComb, Ohio 45858
 Home (419) 293-2350    Cell (419) 788-1716
 email:  dan_ritter [AT] frontier [DOT] com

Lion Dan has been a member of the McComb Lions Club since October 1982 and served as president in 1989-90 and 2014-2015. While president, he earned the 100% presidents award and served as club treasurer for a number of years. In 1995-1996 he assisted as Convention Chairman. Lion Dan served as Zone Chairperson of Zone 8 in 1998-1999 and 1999-2000.

During the second year he was named Co-Zone Chairperson of the Year in District 13-A. Lion Dan has also attended several International Conventions and participated in a number of USA-Canada Forums. In September of 2006 he attended the Senior Lions Leadership Institute held in Columbus, Ohio. He has also been honored with a W. R. Dick Bryan fellowship and is a Melvin Jones Fellow.

Lion Dan was appointed Deputy District Governor of District 13-A in January 2006 and was elected to position of Vice-Governor for the 2006-2007 Lions year. He was elected to the position of District Governor at the 2007 District 13-A Convention. He currently serves as the District 13-A Cabinet Treasurer and is on the MD-13 Global Membership Team. Dan has also received the MD-13 Council of Governors Award of Merit and the Presidential Award from Lions Clubs International.

He graduated from McComb High School and has a Bachelors Degree from Tiffin University majoring in Accounting. Lion Dan retired from the Ohio Department of Taxation after 31 years where he was an Audit Manager. He currently works for Towe & Associates as a Senior Tax Advisor.

Lion Dan served on the board of the McComb Public Library and is a Trustee at the McComb United Methodist Church. He also handles audio/visual duties at the church plus he has been on several mission trips to Haiti. Lion Dan also volunteers for the Hancock County Religious Education program at McComb grade school.

     He and his wife, Lion Pat, have been married 35 years and have one son, Paul (Hilary) and two daughters, Kimberly
(Erick) and Allison (Peter). They also have two grandsons, Daniel, and Andrew, and two granddaughters, Abby and Molly.


Immediate Past District Governor (13-E) Micheal Gibbs

174 N. Miami Road, PO Box 175
Rushsylvania, Ohio 43347
Home: 937-935-0477
Email: DG Micheal Gibbs


Micheal Gibbs spent several years caring for elder family members and, after their passing, found the experience had left him with an empty spot he needed to fill. He felt a need to serve his community as a whole. After researching Lions Clubs on the International website and learning about all the great things Lions do, he found his answer: he was a Lion!

Lion Micheal has had 100% attendance since joining the Rushsylvania Lions Club. He served his club as a 100% President, 100% Secretary (twice) and earned the Club President’s Excellence Award. Additionally, Micheal is Club Webmaster and has chaired several committees. He has sponsored twelve new members, two who joined in other clubs.

At the District level he has served as 1st and 2nd Vice District Governor, Tail Twister, Region Chair for Regions 1& 2 and Zone Chair of Zone 5. As Region Chair, Micheal received a 1st quarter award in 2013 and was also personally presented a 1st quarter award in 2014 by IPIP Joe Preston, at the USA/Canada Forum. He received a Zone Chairpersons Excellence Award and 1st Quarter award in 2013 as Zone Chair.

At the Multiple District Level he has become a fixture at events attending all of the Ohio Lions State Conventions and Winter Retreats since 2012. It is not uncommon to see Lion Micheal at a Club Charter Night or other club event in other districts around the state. He has attended the majority of the Other MD13 District Conventions since 2013

Lion Micheal has been active on the International Level as well, attending the Lions Champions of Change event at the White House, Lions Day at the UN in 2013, Lions Clubs International Conventions in Toronto and Hawaii, and the USA/Canada Forums in Kansas City and Puerto Rico.

Lion Micheal is humbled to be the recipient of many recognitions, including: a Six Diamond Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow, an OLERF Dick Bryan Fellow, and an OLERF Neiderhauser Award. He received a Lion Catcher Award in 2012, an Orientation Award in 2013, an MD 13 Council of Governor’s Award of Merit in 2013, an International Presidents Certificate from PIP Barry Palmer in 2014 and Year Round Growth Awards in 2012 and 2014.

Believing strongly that ongoing learning and reaching is essential to being an effective leader, Lion Micheal has graduated from both the LCI Emerging Lions Leadership Institute and the LCI Advanced Lions Leadership Institute. He has also completed all of the 22 Lions Learning Center courses offered on the LCI website, and is currently working on the “Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Lionism”, offered by the USA/Canada Forum.
Lion Micheal has never been married. He met his “Partner in Service”, Lion Dawn Rice-Norton of District 33K, while attending LCI ELLI in Tampa in 2013. They have since traveled to many Lions Clubs events together. He has been employed by the Benjamin Logan Local School District since 1997. Lion Micheal also owns and manages rental properties locally and is an active Precinct Election Official. In his spare time he pursues his passion for genealogy and is a member of the Hardin and Logan County Ohio Genealogy Societies and the Johnson County Kentucky Genealogy Society.